Open source

No Software Licensing fees - You pay for setup and customization
No obligation to upgrade or pay a maintenance contract


No user software to configure.
All you need is a web-browser to access
Works with all platforms and operating systems even mobile networks
Backup is as simple as copying a folder


From a small office of five users and 1000 documents to a large global company of 50,000 employees and hundreds of millions of documents


Full audit trail of all actions in the system. Even document changes are tracked by saving every change as a new document
User roles and access permissions ensure that data is accessible and auditable to only those with appropriate right and roles


Choice of on-premise, cloud, hosted or a hybrid mix of all, Our CMS is flexible enough to handle any type of client needs or preferences when it comes to installation
Can use any major database and operating system

Module Based

Means you only pay for and install what is relevant to your business and use-case

The modules include:
  1. Document management
  2. Records Management
  3. Workdesk
  4. Case management
  5. Workflows and Business process Automation
  6. File Collaboration
Open Source Document Management
Where is the content that runs your business? Is it centrally managed, or is it spread across multiple PC’s, email in-boxes, USB sticks, portable disc drives and network file shares? Our CMS provides all of the core document management services needed to allow organizations to capture and manage electronic files and automate document-centric business processes. From loan-origination processes to insurance claims to sensitive legal documents, Our CMS is an open source document management system that can handle any of your business-critical content.
Version Control
With multiple people updating and changing documents it can be hard to identify the latest copy. Full version control in our document management solution allows users to track who changed what and when. Our CMS provides support for both major updates (version 1 to version 2) and minor updates (version 1.1 to version 1.2)
Online Previews
Documents can be viewed online without the need to download and open the document in another application. Our CMS Document Management can be used to view a range of formats including most office files, images, photographs, scanned documents, video files and audio files
Powerful Workflows
Our CMS provides a fully configurable workflow engine to help manage your internal business processes. This could be a simple review and approval workflow or a more complex multi stage business process
MS Office & GoogleDocs Integration
Seamless integration with Microsoft Office & GoogleDocs makes it even easier to update content. Users simply select the 'Edit Online' option to launch the right Microsoft Office application (Word, Excel or PowerPoint). Once changes are saved, the Our CMS document management system automatically uploads the new file, instantly creating a new version
Property Groups and Types
Our CMS provides a standard set of attributes for the documents stored in Our CMS, such as Name, Title and Description. But customers can define custom types that have extra attributes (i.e. for a contract you may also want to store the Contract Value, Expiration Date, and Supplier Name). Our CMS also provides Property Groups (Aspects) as a way of grouping a number of properties, so that you can quickly apply the 'Contract' aspect to enable custom properties
Comprehensive Search
Powerful search facilities (based on Apache Solr) allow users to easily find the documents that are important to them. Users have a choice of simple search, where Our CMS’s document management solution will search for a term across content or attributes, or a more powerful 'Advanced Search' option that allows users to be more specific - defining which attributes to search for the term
Achieving Information Governance and Compliance
Companies are being driven, by stricter regulations and a desire to show greater levels of transparency, to implement records management solutions to help achieve information governance and compliance initiatives. But, due to low levels of user adoption, these often fail to deliver on expectations. Our CMS One with Records Management is different. Built into Our CMS, this information governance solution makes it easy for end users to work with files and have them declared as records at the right time - without changing the way the users work.
Simple records filing
Users can upload records from their web browser, from their email, or from their desktop
In-place record declaration
Users can declare records anywhere within Our CMS. In place gives them instant access to their files without having to navigate complex file plans
Automated declaration
Our CMS automatically files and declares records based on simple to configure business rules
Dynamic record folders
Dynamic file plans use business rules to automatically file records in the right file plan folder - creating the folder if needed
File plan
An easy to configure File Plan allows information managers to model the system to meet their exact information governess and compliance needs
Record Disposition
Record categories can be applied to any level of the file plan to impose the required disposition schedules
Rapid eDiscovery
Powerful search features allow users to find records based on record contents and properties
Full audit trail
A complete audit trail shows who had access to which files and when. Audit reports can also be filed as records
Freeze and hold
Records Managers can freeze or put records on hold to prevent changes and suspend the default retention schedules
Process deals, loans, claims, contracts, and cases faster and more efficiently
General-purpose document management and collaboration apps, such as Our CMS Share, are perfect for the day-to-day content management and sharing needs of most knowledge workers. But organizations or departments with high-volume, content-centric business processes – such as banks, insurance companies and government agencies or human resources and accounts payable departments - often require a more structured approach. Our CMS Workdesk was designed so that deals, loans, claims, applications, invoices, contracts, and cases can be handled quickly and efficiently, adding more money to the bottom line.
The right content, to the right person, at the right time
Our CMS Workdesk allows users to focus on just the content that is relevant to them, at just the right time, based on their role in the business process. For example, imagine you are in an enterprise HR organization. If your role is to ensure that a new employee’s case file is complete, then Our CMS Workdesk will show you the complete case file when you log-in. But if your role is simply to review and approve that the employee confidentiality agreement has been signed, then you would just see a list of newly signed confidentiality agreements that you could quickly view and approve with a click. With Our CMS Workdesk, your view and your actions are optimized to exactly what you need to do, saving you time and streamlining the process.
Business processes that go anywhere, on any device
Our CMS Workdesk’s powerful business role-based approach to streamlining content-centric business processes is available to users in three ways that can be used independently or together, to truly customize the experience.
Robust features and flexibility on any web browser
Using modern web standards, Our CMS Workdesk’s no-install browser-based UI is the most full-featured and configurable way to use Our CMS Workdesk. With drag-and-drop file management and list re-ordering, in-line editing, auto-complete of drop-down lists, bulk and mass operations and Microsoft Office integration, Our CMS Workdesk is a comfortable and modern app that can be customized to your business process through configuration, rather than coding.
Bypass the browser with seamless desktop integration
To save even more time, Our CMS Office Workdesk brings transactional content processes into desktop applications, such as Microsoft Office. Without installation and with a familiar experience that is much like working with a shared drive, Our CMS Office Workdesk enables search, creation and changing of files right from common File Open and Save As dialogs as well as editing of content properties directly in desktop applications. In MS Word, it is even possible to embed property fields into the document and synchronize their values with the indices of Our CMS. In the background, Our CMS is handling version control, indexing and workflow. Our CMS Office Workdesk is perfect for users who are working in desktop applications all day long, and need to interact with content-centric processes.
Mobilize your business processes
Our CMS Mobile Workdesk brings the powerful business role-based views and actions to a native iOS application. Now, you can see just the right content, at the right time, anywhere you happen to be so that business processes don’t have to wait for users to get back into the office.
A powerful business solution on a proven platform
Our CMS Workdesk is a business solution build on the Our CMS enterprise content platform. Our CMS Workdesk comes with everything you need to streamline your transactional content-centric business processes. With a focus on configuration over coding, Our CMS Workdesk is able to be customized to your unique business process and requirements much faster than general-purpose document management user-interfaces. And because Our CMS Workdesk is built using the CMIS open content standard, it can optionally be integrated with existing content repositories, allowing you to migrate users off of legacy, costly ECM platforms.
Workdesk Contract Management adds additional value
Workdesk Contract Management is a business solution for managing the full lifecycles of contracts. Pre-defined contract files for various contract types with a given folder structure and set of properties, a relationship model, and several document templates ensure very short time to value. Users belong to different business roles allowing them to create new contracts and approve them – with pre-defined workflows - from the business or legal side. Last but not least a business user can create new contract templates with customer specific sets of properties by configuration without the help of the IT department. Workdesk Contract Management is an integrated part of Workdesk and adds additional business value – simple and smart.
Benefits of Our CMS Workdesk include:
  • Streamline content-centric business processes to save time & money
  • Business role-based approach allows users to focus on just what they need to do
  • Flexible interfaces, such as mobile, allow business processes to go anywhere
  • Focus on configuration, instead of coding, speeds time to deployment
  • Contract Management solution included at no extra cost
  • Built on Our CMS, for unmatched ECM total-cost of ownership & performance
Case Management: Solution Overview
Managing loosely-structured document-centric processes can be challenging. Finding all documents related to a particular process or “case” can be difficult. We often spend too much time chasing paper or trying to ensure that stakeholders have reviewed relevant content or completed necessary activities. Our CMS Workdesk provides a holistic, view of the lifecycle of a case, while also delivering relevant content in context to users based on their business roles. The Our CMS Workdesk case management solution enables efficient content creation, process management, deadline monitoring, reporting and archiving of cases of any kind. And it is has seamless integration with Our CMS’s rich and deep set of ECM capabilities.
Create new case file
Case files with a predefined structure are created at the push of a button. Simple integration with back-end systems allows data such as customer number, name and address to be checked and transferred to the case management software. Similarly, a new case number can be generated and will be automatically applied to all new documents related to a case.
Populate fields in MS Word documents with metadata
Tight integration with MS Office and other desktop apps make it easy to populate fields in MS Word documents, for example, with metadata – like the case number - from Our CMS’s case management solution. This is fast and convenient and assures data consistency.
Assign tasks to a whole case or to single documents
Tasks can be assigned to documents or to a whole case file, to single employees or whole departments.
Display tasks in case file, inbox, or search
All tasks are displayed in the appropriate case file or in personal or group inboxes. This makes them easy to find and helps ensure no deadlines are missed and that cases are acted upon at the proper time.
Display documents from different systems in one case file
Virtual folders in Our CMS Workdesk make it possible to combine documents from different ECM systems in a single case folder. This makes it easy for users to see all relevant documents at one time and can also be used to facilitate migrations from older, legacy ECM systems. Users can also define searches that will find documents from different systems.
Business-role management provides contextual case views
The sophisticated business-role concept of Our CMS Workdesk guarantees that a user gets only the functions and information he needs based on his role in the organization. For example, customer-care representatives can create new cases using templates while assessors see these cases in a folder “New Cases,” which provides them with a fast overview of all current activities. Additionally managers get views such as “Cases soon overdue” and “All cases of customer X” to help them take timely corrective actions.
Case Management Solution Benefits
  • Quick access to all documents and tasks in one single case file
  • Quick creation of new case files based on templates
  • Views of cases customized based on business-user role
Use cases
  • Loan origination
  • Claims processing
  • Claims assessment
  • Employee onboarding
Great for
  • Insurances
  • Banks
  • Government
  • Human resources
Reclaim control of your contracts, bring security to your organization and put profits in your pocket
Are your procurement and legal people overloaded with contract work? Have you ever forgotten a notice and extended a contract without realizing it? Have you ever missed the chance of re-negotiating and achieving better terms? Do you need to formulate contractual clauses from scratch or copy them from old contracts again and again, and thus have no security regarding their consistency, timeliness and legality? Is contract data managed in department-specific spreadsheets, databases or local file systems? If you answered yes to any of these, you are lacking the total overview of all contracts. All this costs time and money and can also have legal consequences.
Create and manage contracts in an efficient and compliant way
Contract management with Our CMS Workdesk allows the transparent and efficient creation, management, monitoring, and archiving of any kind of contract and related business correspondence, leveraging the proven Our CMS One content platform. It replaces department-specific, isolated applications and is quickly configured by a business administrator for different contract types to match your company’s business rules. Electronic contract files with a predefined structure are created at the push of a button. A pool of approved templates with up-to-date clauses assists clerks in creating contract-related documents. Fields in Microsoft Word documents are filled with metadata, such as a contract number, right from Our CMS. This is fast and convenient, and ensures data consistency. Furthermore, compliance is automatically achieved by tracking and auditing what happens to the contracts via the integration with the Our CMS One Records Management module.
Accelerate approval of contracts and have a consistent overview
Predefined workflows in Our CMS Workdesk's contract management solution help process, approve and monitor contracts in a fast and efficient manner, by automatically including the necessary departments at your company. The “smart business role” concept within Our CMS Workdesk guarantees that clerks using this solution only get information and functionality they need according to their designated roles in the contract creation and approval process. Reports on contract status and searches for expiring contracts make deadline monitoring easy and transparent. This allows you to terminate contracts on time or re-negotiate better terms.
Reduce time to value and empower the business users
Contract management in Our CMS Workdesk contains everything your company needs for managing the lifecycle of contracts out-of-the-box. With the contract management-specific interface, business users can create new contract templates with customer specific structures and sets of properties by simple configuration. And add new document templates that embed these properties as well as company specifics. Predefined business roles and workflows for administering, creating, approving, and monitoring contracts immediately empower business users according to their specific responsibilities. The predefined workflows can be extended to cover more complex approval processes. This helps get your contract management solution up and running quickly.
Leverage the entire Our CMS software stack
Contract management in Our CMS Workdesk is based on the Our CMS One content platform and the Activiti business process engine. It leverages your investment and expertise in these platforms and lets you use them for the support of your contract management needs.
Benefits of contract management with Our CMS Workdesk
  • Improve efficiency - Streamline the processes of creating and managing contracts
  • Short time-to-value – Quick implementation and high user adoption by “smart business roles” and seamless integration with Microsoft Office
  • Get back control – Get the overview for the entire lifecycle of all your contracts
  • Save money - Never miss a chance of re-negotiating a contract
  • Consolidate - Use the Our CMS One content platform for critical Procurement and Legal content too
  • Compliance - Ensured by audit trails and usage with the Our CMS One Records Management module
Document Workflow and Business Process Automation
Many companies are searching for ways to automate document-centric processes to improve business efficiency. Our CMS can be so much more than a document archive or a secure extranet solution. By implementing rules and custom document workflow actions within the platform, Our CMS can automate your business processes – saving you time and money, and freeing up resources. Our CMS's own standards-based document management workflow engine, Activiti, is embedded in the Our CMS platform, and enables:
Rules-driven task assignment
Automatically assign actions to appropriate individuals or teams to streamline your internal processes. Calibrate to your specific business process by defining reviewers, approvers, administrators or other custom assignee statuses
User dashboards
Can provide real-time views of all document workflows currently in progress, enabling users to easily see and prioritize incomplete actions. Notifications can also be set up to alert users when they have outstanding tasks assigned to them.
Folder rules
A simple point and click interface allows users to define processing rules for individual folders. The rules can run one or more associated actions when the rule is met. For example, rules can be implemented to automatically convert files into a PDF format ready for publishing to an Internet or Intranet
Customization options
Using simple configuration tools, new process definitions can be built and deployed to support any business process. Tight integration allows individual document workflow steps to be assigned that automatically change content state (i.e. from ‘In Review’ to ‘Approved’)
Business Process Integration
The Activiti workflow engine is tightly integrated with Our CMS, but can also be used to drive other business processes within your organization. For instance, Activit can integrate into a CRM or ERP application to make updates based on document flows in Our CMS
Online File Collaboration for Teams
Today, teams extend beyond the enterprise - to include partners, consultants, contractors, external agencies, prospects and customers. Traditional ECM and online file collaboration solutions are not optimized for working outside the office, so users are turning to consumer file sharing sites like 'Dropbox' - and confidential enterprise content is being 'synced' right out the back door. With Our CMS, IT organizations can offer a consumer-like file sharing, document collaboration and mobile experience to users, combined with the security and control required by the organization. And Our CMS's sync-to-cloud capability allows users to invite external parties to collaborate in Our CMS's secure collaboration cloud, without putting the enterprise at risk. It's the best of both worlds, and it's only available with Our CMS.
Project collaboration or team sites
Create a project site to contain all the work associated with a business project or team. Invite team members to join the site, to collaborate and share content
Wiki, Blog, List, FAQ's, & Links
Extended business collaboration features go beyond just a document library. Project sites can also contain a Wiki area for sharing ideas, a list area for keeping track of project items, an FAQ for asking and answering project related questions, and a links area to allow project members to share useful external resources and a dedicated blog.
Users can share comments on documents to leave feedback, just like they do on social media sites.
Just as you would in 'Facebook', online collaboration features allow you to now give feedback on content that you find useful. Now when users search for information they can quickly see which are the most 'Liked' documents
Keep up to date with new and revised content from your favorite content producers. Simply follow them to be notified when they add new documents
Notifications & Activity Feed
Proactive notifications will keep online collaboration users updated with changes that have been made. Reading notifications either via email or online project news streams, allows users to quickly get up to speed with what has changed
MS Office & GoogleDocs Integration
Need to edit or change a document? Integration with Microsoft Office and Google Docs makes it easy to edit files and save them back to Our CMS
On-premise to Cloud Sync
Need to work with somebody outside the organization? Simple, sync the files to your company Our CMS cloud site and invite them into your secure cloud network
How can you collaborate with Our CMS?
  • Sales teams can collaborate with customers and prospects to ensure they have all the information that they need.
  • Marketing can collaborate with external agencies to deliver great results.
  • Product teams can work together to get products to market quicker.
  • Legal can work other legal teams securely, knowing they’re in control.
  • HR can collaborate with recruiters, candidates and employees to reduce the paper trail.
  • Executives and Management can collaborate together to make decisions with the right information.
  • CIOs and IT can facilitate online collaboration with a platform that delivers something for everyone.
  • Web teams can work to bring the best content to the web.


  • Processor: 2.5GHz Multicore
  • RAM: 8GB
  • HDD: 2 x 1TB (Raid 1 array)
  • Network: 1 Gbps

Operating System

  • Windows Sever OS
  • CentOS (Recommended)
  • MAC OS X


  • MySQL 5.X or higher
  • MS SQL Server 2008 or higher
  • ORACLE 11g or higher
  • PostgreSQL (Recommended)