The physical deployment of an IT infrastructure can be a task that affects your day-to-day operational objectives. KODD Ltd offers expert IT network installation tailored to the needs of your business. The importance of the physical infrastructure to successful operations often goes unrecognised. IT managers install and optimise data centre environments and pay attention to physical aspects as they run wiring, install network interface cards, and connect servers via switches and routers.

KODD ensures network installation is performed properly before complicating the picture with higher level components. Thus helping you avoid wasted time and troubleshooting problems. Physical infrastructure management software can offer this information by providing immediate feedback on the status of the physical and upper layers of the network.

We have extensive experience of working with the corporate and public sectors on Data Centre and Server Rooms Network Installation projects. We can install servers and racked storage, according to your requirements. In the past we have been working with various sizes of environments.

Working in a small environment allowed us to focus on details while working in the medium and large networks played a significant role regarding gathering experience with various LAN and WAN technologies.

Knowing the physical aspects intimately and how they relate to overall performance is crucial to successful network installation and optimisation. Our team represents an organised, engineered approach to network installation and as a matter of course considers how to optimize the physical network.

Once the network deployment is in place, we can act as a third party overseeing network management; not only maintaining the systems, but identifying issues where technology may provide an answer.

Providing extensive security for a network is a challenging and multi-faceted task which must be individually tuned to customer requirements. The measures to be taken depend on a great variety of different factors such as the required system availability and the degree to which the information to be protected is mission-critical.

The fact is that each disturbance of network security results in immense costs for companies – whether caused by loss of data, interruption of business processes or image problems. Responsible management of IT security is therefore a decisive competitive factor and an investment that always pays off.

KODD LTD designs your IT security – innovatively, competently and reliably. We leverage partnerships with all renowned vendors to implement the optimum solution for our customers. In addition, we develop new products and optimise existing products using the know-how of KODD experts according to your individual requirements.

Computer networks in companies are generally not autonomous. Instead they link several departments and sites as well as provide connections to the Internet and business partners. Consequently, they extend across various security zones which may differ greatly in terms of authorisations, threats and controllability.

Firewall systems reliably regiment these security zones. These are filter systems which check and log all network connections across network boundaries. They are essential, in particular for sealing off the company network from the Internet.

A firewall system only grants access which is in accordance with a company’s security policy;

Must be able to monitor the various layers (network layers, application layers) for all relevant applications; and consequently must be individually designed in terms of components and configuration;

Controls who can communicate with whom via which protocol Offers many gateway functions (routing, NAT) as well as logging and alarms.

Moreover, there are a great number of other aspects which must be taken into consideration during planning, implementation and operation. These include the performance, availability, administrability (simple operation), scalability and – for continuous operation – the fact that components and configurations must be up to date. Not least importantly, the costs of implementation and operation play a major role.

KODD LTD identifies each customer’s specific requirements. On this basis, we develop proposals for a suitable firewall system, take care of implementation and ensure operation on an ongoing basis. In doing so, we are able to make use of numerous products of our own making and from partner companies for all conceivable scenarios. The use of standard solutions makes it possible to implement firewall systems with particular cost-efficiency. In addition, KODD LTD supports you in the operation of your firewall solution.

KODD LTD experts have been used as “pentesters” (penetration testers) or “moral hackers” in appropriate projects for almost 5 years. With well-founded knowledge in the network and system administration sector, paired with great creativity, exceptional resourcefulness and comprehensive experience, they can be counted on to find vulnerabilities - even without access rights - and (in consultation with the client) exploit these to access company data.

In spite of inhomogeneity in the various IT configurations, every company is ultimately pursuing the same goals when commissioning a security analysis:
Identification of the key vulnerabilities in an IT configuration Assessment of the risk potential

Recommended measures for removing the vulnerabilities identified and/or reducing the risk potential.